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rental ring gauge

rental ring gauge

Sales Tax Included

Use it to measure your size.


Please use this ring gauge because you don't think it's easy to measure your ring size on a daily basis.


It is a ring gauge rental with a width of 3 mm.
After arrival, please measure and return within one week.

This is a plastic ring gauge manufactured by Meikosha, a Japanese standard, that measures the ring size with high accuracy.

・Manufacturer: MKS -Meikosha-
・Ring Size : #01〜20
・Width: 3.0 [mm]

・Rental period: 1 week

Finger sizes measured in the morning and those measured in the afternoon may differ due to edema, etc. It also changes depending on the season and temperature.
Please take your time and re-measure several times to get the size you are comfortable with.

After use, put it in the enclosed envelope and mail it. (free)

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