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​Atelier BORON


​The atelier has moved from Tokyo to Tsuzuki Ward in Yokohama.

1 minute walk from subway Blue Line Nakamachidai Station.

(Detailed address will be provided after contacting us.)

If you would like to see our work, discuss a custom order, please contact us.

 (Reservations are required.)


​Jewelry artist

After studying metal engraving at an art junior college, she studied jewelry production and design at a jewelry vocational school. After graduating, she was in charge of production at a jewelry production company, Mykonos.  After working as a designer's assistant, She started her own artisan jewelry brand BORON in 2010. 



BORON, we make jewelry based on the concept that wearing jewelry brings out the charm of the owner.

Everyone is born with their own charms, and I would love to do my best to help bringing out those charms.

The name BORON comes from the Sanskrit word "bhrūṃ", which means light, fulfillment, and purification. We hope that those who wear our jewelry will be blessed with happiness. 



The use of 18-karat gold and natural stones, which do not fade over the years, is based on the wish that they will be passed down from grandmother to mother, and from mother to daughter, even after renovations and remakes.


I think that we, who have received the baton of life passed on by our predecessors, should love ourselves more.

The charm of jewelry is that it gives me joy when I work hard every day.

We are working hard to create jewelry that will make your heart happy when you see it or wear it.

Because I want the person who wears it to feel happy.

​Read more detailed tables and descriptions



Our craft is grounded in traditional techniques, trying to find unique ways beyond the conventional. We consider ourselves to be Japanese in the sense that we honor and study the traditional, while trying to find new ways beyond our times. 


atelier BORON

We held a limited time shop several times a year, but it is undecided now. ​

Handling stores



〒458-0009 愛知県名古屋市緑区平手南1丁目102

◇Ptit Bonheur

◇Purple Planet 
◇Other online stores

Please feel free to contact us


Social action work

Every year, we donate a portion of our sales to Sangonohatake, who is engaged in conservation activities to save the coral.

Thanks to the blessings of nature, we are grateful to be alive and would like to contribute to nature conservation.


There are also works using shells picked up during beach cleaning.

Activity Logs

2010年     BORONをスタート




10/6-11    二人展「つくり手の時間」に出展

10        街ごとアートギャラリーに出展

11        二天一流総本舗さんの靴とコラボアクセ制作 

12/2-3    ワークショップ開催




10/26-11/5 cupika Accessoriey Fair に出展

8/28-9/2  アクセサリー展  Shop&Gallery Ruhm*に出展

6/20-26    iichiギャラリーマーケット 大丸 札幌店 に出展

5/7-11     フランス パリのGalerie Métanoïaにてグループ展に出展

3/15-28   東武百貨店 スプリングフェステバルに出展

3/1-14   ホワイトデーウィークに出展




3/29-31  『1×2』Exhibition koichimatsumoto × Ichinomiyamikiko(BORON)を開催



2013年の『1×2』Exhibition を最後に2014年、2015年はオーダーメイドを中心とした制作活動に、





7/23-24    HandMade in Japan Fes' 2016に出展

8/24-29     伊勢丹松戸店×CRAFTS MARKETに出展

10/22-23   Marunouchi street marketに出店

11/4-5       二天マルシェ 船橋東武百貨店1Fに出店

12/1-25      creema shop ルミネ新宿店ルミネ2 2Fに出店



2/17-18      二天マルシェvol.2 船橋東武百貨店1Fに出店

3/18-20   Marunouchi street market vol.2に出店

4/5-6          二天マルシェvol.3  伊勢丹浦和店4Fに出店

4/14-17      三人展at Social Space Kiyosumiに出展

5/10-16      二天マルシェvol.4 松坂屋上野店に出店

5/26-28      BORONアトリエオープン三日間限定pop up shopに出店

8/22-9/6     ギャラリー二天に出店

9/17-18      二天マルシェ 船橋東武百貨店 1Fに出店

12/8-11      福岡岩田屋三越 1F 二天マルシェに出店

12/22-24    BORON Pop-up Shop at Atelier



3/28-4/4    上野松坂屋地下一階 二天マルシェに出店

​7/24-8/14  上野松坂屋地下一階 二天マルシェに出店

9/15.16   二天マルシェ 大丸東京店 9Fに出店



9/13-15      New jewelry NEXTに出展

9/18-24      ISETAN SALONE 東京ミッドタウン六本木1Fに出店

11/8-10    BORON Pop-up Shop at  Atelier

11/27-3      松屋銀座店 7Fに出店

12/11-17    玉川高島屋 1Fに出店



2/20-22       rooms40



2020年の春に コロナの影響で海外渡航先から帰国できずに1年ほど家族でオーストラリアに滞在しておりましたが、


12/12-26    二天一流本舗 中山店にて展示販売



12/9-12      二天マルシェ

12/16-25      二天一流本舗 中山店にて展示販売



2/7-            Sonare にて委託販売開始

6/14-16      ILS東京ビックサイト

6/30-7/3     世田谷二天マルシェ

9/6-12         伊勢丹浦和店にてアクセサリーマルシェ

9/28-10/6    渋谷ヒカリエ ShinQs 1F テアトロに出店

10/19-22     Milano  jewelry week にて展示

11/24-       「MARK'STYLE(マークスタイル)麻布台ヒルズ」にて委託販売開始

12/1-3       New Jewelry TOKYO 2023 出展



4/3-9        西武池袋にて出店

6/13-19    渋谷ヒカリエにて出店

10/17-20   Milano  jewelry week にて展示

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