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Ring Meanings by Finger 

Each finger that wears a ring has a different meaning. Furthermore, the meaning is different for the left hand and the right hand.

There are various meanings such as attracting opportunities or bringing inspiration depending on the finger on which the ring is worn.

For reference when choosing a ring...

ring meanings by finger boron
​Bring out your charm
attract an opportunity
​ stability of mind
​ deepen love
​Increase intuition
​ Improve judgment
​Increase work luck
connect the edges
overcome difficulties
lead the way

-Little fingers-

A finger that invites opportunities. Recommended for those who are looking for change and new love.

right hand: Amulet effect to bring out your charm

left hand: New encounters that attract opportunities


-Ring finger-

A finger that symbolizes creation. In particular, the left hand ring finger is considered to be a sacred finger that is directly connected to the heart.

right hand: Improves mental stability and inspiration

left hand: Deepen love, deepen bond


-Middle finger-

A finger that symbolizes inspiration and inspiration. Recommended for those who want to demonstrate their power in creative work.

right hand: Eliminates evil spirits, enhances intuition

left hand: Increase coordination, improve judgment


-Index finger-

A finger that symbolizes action. It is said to have the power to increase self-reliance and concentration and lead people.

right hand: Improve work luck, increase willpower

left hand: Connect the edge, make the feeling positive


A finger that symbolizes power and authority. It is said that in ancient times, rings were worn to protect the fingers when drawing a bow in battle.

It is said that wishes and intentions will come true, so it is recommended for those who want to move forward toward their goals.


right hand: Controls leadership, brings courage

left hand: Hold on to beliefs, overcome difficulties


Birthstones are gemstones assigned to each month from January to December, and each has its own meaning.

It is believed that wearing the gemstone assigned to your month of birth will bring you good luck.



The stone words are Crop, Faithful, and Fraternity.

It boosts your mental strength and helps you reach your goals.

It will give you the power to overcome difficulties and get happiness and success. It is also known as an amulet to protect oneself from danger.




The stone words are Sincerity, Peace of mind, and Love.

It is said that it cuts off temptation from bad things and improves human relations.

It will calm your mind and increase your inspiration.


-*Chrysoberyl Cats Eye-

The stone words are "calm", "amulet", and "imagination".

It boosts your self-esteem and gives you confidence in yourself.

In addition, it will reduce wasteful energy consumption and lead you to good luck efficiently.




The stone words are Full of happiness, Intelligent and Brave. 

Like a calm sea, it gives you a deep and pure healing power.

It is said to bring moisture and richness to the heart and soothe negative emotions.


The words of the stone are Reliable growth, happiness and Patriarchal dignity.

Coral, known as a talisman of fertility and longevity, is said to have the effect of warding off evil.



The stone words are Courage, Relief and Dedication.

It is said that it will give you the power to face positively even when you have difficulties or become bearish.



The stone words are Sincerity, Self-identity and Virtue.

It is a gemstone that activates the third eye.

It is said that it enhances intuition and judgment, and guides the owner to the right path.




The words of the stone are Eternal, Purity and Pure Love.

Being the hardest material on earth, it is often used in bridal jewelry as a symbol of eternal love.

It is also said to give strength to overcome difficulties.



The stone words are Affection, Grace and Purity.

It is said that it brings out loveliness and beauty and brings moisture to the heart.

The owner will be able to find small happiness and feel love easily.




The stone words are Affection, Stability and Foresight.

It is also known as a symbol of love, and is said to help achieve love and a happy marriage.

It will also expand your knowledge and improve patience.


The stone words are Prosperity, Happiness and Stability.

It has been called a miracle stone since ancient times, and has been cherished as a talisman and amulet.

It is said to protect the owner from negative energy and bring calmness.




The stone words are Health, Wealth and Purity.

It is also known as a symbol of family affection because it is harvested from the mother shellfish.

It is a gem that calms negative emotions and stabilizes the mind.


The stone words are Luck, Pure love and Health.

It is said to control the ups and downs of feelings that change like the waxing and waning moon.

It will unravel your mind, improve intuition, and bring out the sleeping charm.



The stone words are Hidden feelings, Nobility and Comfort.

It is said to give the owner the power to read ahead and lead them to success.

It is also called Emerald by day and Ruby by night; because it changes color under sunlight and incandescent light.




The stone words are Passion, Courage and Pure Love.

Ruby is the hardest gem after diamond.

It is said to nurture your indomitable spirit and lead them to all victories.


The stone words are Permanent unchanging, Pure and Realization.

It will increase your mental power and make you grow into a strong mind.

In addition, it is said that it leads to good relationships and expands personal connections.




The words of the stone are Faith, Marital Happiness and Destiny Bonds.

It is a healing stone and is said to bring out positive emotions.

It is also known as a symbol of unwavering love, and will help couples to be harmonious.



The stone words are Happy marriage, Family luck and Health.

Because each pattern is different, it is said to be a stone that values individuality and individuality.

It will deepen the bond with the important partner for you.



The words of the stone are Fulfillment of the inner side, Challenge and Achievement of goals.

It is so rare that it was once confused with ruby and sapphire.

It is said to increase self-esteem and help you achieve your dreams and goals.  




The stone words are Sincerity, Charity and Constancy.

It gives you the power to carry through your thoughts without being swept away by inertia.

It is also known to give a blue sapphire to the blue ball wedding ceremony of the 23rd wedding anniversary.


The stone words are Pure Love, Unconditional Love and Dainty.

It is said that it heals past anxiety and trauma and teaches you to love yourself.

Your heart will be at ease, and the kindness that springs up will improve your relationship with your surroundings.




The stone words are Activation, Turning point and moisture.

Opal, which is characterized by beautiful iridescent spots that emit various colors depending on the viewing angle, also has an anti-aging effect.

It will purify bad spirits, emit bright energy, and lead you to happiness.



The stone words are Hope, Affection and Pure white.

It is also known as Electric stone because it emits electricity when heat is applied.

It is said that it will bring out the original charm of you and support them to shine.




The stone words are Sincerity, Hope and Success.

It is said that it enhances insight and intuition and brings the owner what they need and people.

You will be able to see the essence of things, and it will be easier to seize opportunities.



The stone words are Prosperity, Wealth and Hope.

It is a type of quartz and is known as the Symbol of the sun because of its brilliance.

It will improve your fortune and fortune, and improve your relationships.




The stone words are travel Safety, Prosperity and Success.

It is said to purify evil and give action.

It is said that it will be more powerful when given by a person.


-Lapis Lazuli-

The stone words are Guarantee of success, Health and Happiness.

It is said that it pays off evil thoughts from the surroundings and inside of you and guides them in the direction they should go.

It will not only bring immediate happiness, but also polish the essence and grow the soul.



The stone words are Nobility, Intelligence and Mystery.

It is said to change negative emotions into positive ones and bring life in a certain direction.

It is a mysterious jewel that changes color from blue to purple depending on the viewing angle.



The stone words are Peace of mind, Dreaming thoughts and itality".

It is said to heal a tired heart and remind you of pure feelings.

It will increase your vitality and mental strength and lead you to success.


*Those are newly added birthstones in December 2021.

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