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Opal Ring Melted metal Collection

Opal Ring Melted metal Collection

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opal ring


The side of the drop-shaped opal stone is decorated with small shells found during beach cleaning.


The organic and asymmetrical design has become a life-like ring. It is one point that matches the stone.

We use precious white opal that you will never get tired of looking at.


Even a single point has a presence.





(Opal: October birthstone "revitalization" "turning point" "moisture")



Size 12 can be resized Consultation required

  (Repairs from 9 to 11 are available free of charge. Please enter in the message when ordering.)

Click here if you do not know the size


I will put it in a case and give it to you with a picture drawn by hand by the artist.


Free shipping item (Overseas transportation is separately applied.)

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