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Grossular garnet Ring Melted metal Collection

Grossular garnet Ring Melted metal Collection

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This is a one-of-a-kind ring made from a rare transparent garnet called Grossular Garnet.

The design that looks like melted metal has an atmosphere like antique jewelry. Luxury jewelry made of 18K gold.

The stone that looks like ice is healed just by looking at it.

When viewed from the side, the design looks like the metal has partially melted, making it look organic and alive.





grossular garnet

(Garnet: January Birthstone "Fruit" "Fidelity" "Friendship")



11.5  Size can be adjusted Please consult

  (Repairs from 8 to 13 are available free of charge. Please enter in the message when ordering.)

Click here if you do not know the size


I will put it in a case with a picture drawn by the artist and give it to you.


Free shipping item (Overseas transportation is separately applied.)

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