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Emerald (roof) Ring Melted metal Collection

Emerald (roof) Ring Melted metal Collection

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emerald gemstone ring


This emerald is a ring that has the goodness of a raw stone and a vivid green color with a certain degree of transparency.

After purchasing raw emeralds, they are cut while preserving the quality of the raw stones. (I tried not to modify it.)


I think you can enjoy the irresistible texture for gemstone lovers.


Melted metal collection like melted metal

This is a one-of-a-kind ring made with a design that makes use of the original shape.





rough emerald

(Emerald: May birthstone "affection" "stability" "foresight")



Size 11 can be resized Consultation required

  (Repairs from 9 to 13 are available free of charge. Please enter in the message when ordering.)

Click here if you do not know the size


The ring will be handed to you in a case with a hand-drawn picture by the artist.


Free shipping item (Overseas transportation is separately applied.)

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