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Rough Sapphire Ring Melted Metal Collection

Rough Sapphire Ring Melted Metal Collection

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blue sapphire gemstone


So that you can feel the charm of stones collected from the earth as they are

A one-of-a-kind ring made with a design that makes use of the original shape.


Melted metal collection like melted metal

Moderately transparent and the best quality among the gemstone series

It is a stone that will forever fascinate you.




blue sapphire rough

(Rough Sapphire: September's birthstone "faithfulness" "charity" "constancy")



14  No. Resize possible Consultation required

  (Repairs are available for free from about 10 to 16. Please enter it in the message when ordering.)

Click here if you do not know the size


I will put it in a case and give it to you with a picture drawn by hand by the artist.


Free shipping item (Overseas transportation is separately applied.)

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